Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Cheques saved


, 15:36, Tuesday 12 July 2011
Plans to scrap cheques as a form of payment have been dropped following an outcry from consumers, charities and small businesses.
The UK Payments Council has now said cheques will continue as a form of payment for as long as customers need them. Previously they had planned to phase them out by 2018.
"This is a victory for the consumer and a common sense approach. Scrapping cheques would have had serious ramifications not only for the elderly and most vulnerable in society but also for small businesses and charities that rely on this payment method," said Gary Follis, head of policy at Nationwide building society.
"Whilst the number of people using cheques continues to fall, the Payments Council has reached the right decision to keep cheques and cheque books as an essential payment method for consumers, businesses and charities."

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